Interactive Design

Using the Potential of the Internet

To say that the Internet has evolved at the speed of light is mere understatement. What's more, this unchartered territory exerts a tremendous impact on your business. Your competitors have resorted to an unprecedented amount of JQuery, games, mobile sites, apps, music and layers to capture attention.


Businesses have become so deluged with e-everything that they have raised time saving and simplicity to new priority levels. This is where SG&D comes in. Our goal is simple: To design and develop client websites that are built for speed, to drive brands in a clear, concise and user-friendly way to reach target audiences, to beef up visibility, and to locate information quickly.


We know that products and services and related information can shift rapidly. That's why we provide content management, search engine optimization, RSS feeds, and e-commerce services to keep your site current, fresh, findable, and accessible by your desired audiences.


From web presence to e-commerce, we understand how to effectively blend design with technology. Our designs channel inspiration and style to your website to assure visitors enjoy the available and engaging experience they expect. Designing a mobile site or an e-mail template holds similar challenges to web design. But we understand the differences in technology and knowing how to adapt our designs appropriately.


Social Media

Social media have provided other channels for discussion. To stay in the game, companies and organizations use social media as a complement to traditional media in their marketing mix.


SG&D creates professional Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog pages to reflect your company's brand differentiation, to customize and coordinate your brand with your website, and to muster greater impact in communicating with your target audiences.

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