Our markevation® Creative Evaluation Builds the Framework to Make Your Mark

Are your current brand identity, print collateral and website outdated and not working effectively for you? Do you have a frequent need for graphic design services, but lack the right resources or internal assistance?


Not to worry. You're not alone. Businesses experience many changes during their life cycles, and often, they may delay upgrading their marketing materials. If that's the case with your business, read on.



When we first meet with you, we use a markevation® creative evaluation to review your current marketing materials, including:


  • Brand identity (logo)
  • Print collateral (brochures, business cards and letterhead)
  • Website(s)
  • Exhibit graphics, direct mail pieces, advertising samples (if applicable)
  • Input from the decision makers in your company or organization
  • Target audiences
  • Your mission and value statement(s)


This process enables us to strengthen your brand and your future marketing opportunities. We discuss with you what's working and what's not and create in-depth marketing and design analysis to help you keep making your mark.






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